Monday, May 24, 2010

Trying to Dig Into Death

For a long time, people have been trying to question or perhaps understand what death is. Most have this great fear of death. Some would even want to conquer and challenge death.

Films like Meet Joe Black, What Dreams May Come and City of Angels are some films that explored the concept of death.

It is interesting to have read that the way people die is their own subconscious choosing. Well, the idea seems to be eerie and unacceptable but isn’t it interesting to know that people up until their time of death are still given the privilege to use their free will? Free will -- a birthright that we all have.

I just observe that most of us just see the two sides of the coin -- on one side is life and on the other side is death. We only see the dualities of this earth school. A lot of us have not discovered that there is something beyond these two sides of the coin – beyond life and death. That there is something called Eternity.

If there is one thing that I have held unto when my Mom died a year ago, it is the concept of seeing beyond her death – that is Eternity. I know that if there is indeed eternity, then nothing and no one can ever be lost. The soul never dies.

I suggest people to try to see beyond the form, beyond death, beyond the painful experiences we’ve had in life. Try to see that you are exactly where you need to be at that very moment and that you need to experience everything that moment has to offer including the pains and sadness.

When people would ask me if I am afraid of death, I’d honestly say, well in some ways I am but I know that the way I’ll die is of my subconscious choosing. I actually have an idea how I will exit this life. I would want a silent exit.

I am not attempting to answer what death really is, I am just trying to see what death for me is and to see beyond the form of death. In the process, I am freeing myself from the fear of death. I know that my life doesn’t end where death enters.

I shall say to death when death comes…. Amen.

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

“As A Child of Light, I am Ageless. Forever is My Time Frame...”

What’s with age really? For me, it is just one of our worldly labels. To some, it measures and defines one’s maturity or physical existence.

To the vainest of the vain, they would do anything to either hide their real age or to prolong their youth. With all honesty, I do respect them, it’s totally their choice. It is where they will be most happy and at peace most likely.

Age is physical thing. It is something that can be felt and can definitely be seen. Age can never be defied, well, that’s how others choose to see it.

Age is something that we can choose to enjoy as we experience it. It is just a matter of choosing how you wish to experience age.

I remember when I was a kid, I feared getting old and perhaps dying old. In fact, I even have this desired age when I will die or when I would want to die. As I got older and should I say, wiser, I’ve realized that age is just age and nothing else. The soul has no age. It thrives and lives in eternity.

I would like to believe that I am ageless and not bounded by time. This is how I wish to experience this life. This is how I choose to experience this my so-called life.

It is not so much of a claim but an affirmation, a conviction. I never wished to deny nor defy age. I’ve read somewhere that the hands age first than any other part of our body. Well, perhaps there is some truth to it. I can now see the lines in my hands…. I am well, happy about it or having them.

I see my age not as the number of birth years that I have but the times spent in my journey through life. It includes all the ups and downs, the happy and sad memories and a whole lot of other things.

Saturday, January 9, 2010

Lines I've Heard from People Who'll Get Married

Everyone has his or her reasons for getting married. I’ve had some opportunity hearing them from my friends.

He says:

1. She swept me off my feet” (like duh!) – You’ll often hear this line from a drifter type of guy, one who moves from a relationship to another relationship and then finally finds “the one”, according to him.

2. It took me nine hours to know that our soul ties…” (A bit new agey but romantic) – I’ve heard this from a very spiritual friend. When this guy speaks, you would know that he is indeed speaking from the soul.

3. I’ve got to be true to my word when I said I’d marry her!” (Talk about chivalry in these modern times) – I’ve heard this from a buddy friend a few days before he got married. This friend is a “chickboy” type of guy but he can also be serious when needed. Friends say that he is a husband material type.

4. “I simply fell in love.” This guy also said “… but I’ve realized I have to fall in love many times with the same woman for the marriage to succeed.”

5. I love her so much that I cannot think of any other person to spend the rest of my life with but her.” – It’s either this guy believes in destiny or soul mates or he really is so into his girl.

6. All the rules of logic don’t apply.” (Who needs logic when you’re madly deeply in love?) – This guy is the type who simply loves with all his heart and nothing else. He sees, hears, and feels nothing but love. He must have read Oriah Mountain Dreamer’s poem The Invitation.

7. “I didn’t ask for her to come into my life, she just landed on my doorstep.” (Cool!) – Is it fate or is she an awesome package delivered from the high heavens?

8. “It’s simply magic, I just fell in love with her.” (A believer of the word spark!) – Some guys still do believe in magic like little boys do.

9. She’s the one.”Well, this may be the title of Robbie Williams' song but this is also one of the much used lines by many men out there.

10. “In her, I saw eternity.” – Imagine what can love make you see… Perhaps, that is the beauty of love, it can make you see the unseen.

She says:

1. “I’ve prayed for this guy to be my husband.” (Cheesy!) – You know how girls can be so religious in the name of love. I’d say Vonda Shephard’s song I Know Him by Heart is perfect for this girl.

2. You’ll just know that he is the one for you.” – It’s like Cinderella finding the glass shoe that fits her. The good part in this is that you don’t just settle for second bests. You don’t get shoes which are half size smaller or half size bigger, you get to choose the one that fits you well and the one you’re comfortable with. After all, husbands live longer than shoes so better choose the one that fits you well.

3. He’s been my best friend, my teacher, my lover, my partner, my soul mate, what else can I ask for?” (Girl, it’s really all up to you!) – It’s nice to have all these in one package, right? Labels, labels, labels… What’s with the labels? Wouldn’t it be nicer if we can just look beyond the forms and the labels? If we can only see that beyond our loved one is our ideal healing partner as well.

4. “Our astrological signs are perfect.” – Some still do rely on their stars in finding their partners in life.

5. “He is my one great love.” (Romantic type, huh?) – You’ll hear this line from a serious and romantic type of girl.

6. There’s a fat chance that we’re meant to be together, I can’t afford to let that chance pass by.” (Another believer of destiny!)

I remember hearing this line from the Korean film Sassy Girl, “Destiny is building the bridge to your loved one”. I don’t believe that there is such a thing as destiny but you can work on your destiny. You can choose the life that you want and how you wish to experience it or shall I say, you can choose the one whom you get to spend your life with.

You don’t make the relationship or the marriage perfect, it perfects you. It perfects your soul.

Whatever reasons you may have for getting married, I hope it can be simplified into this four-letter word -- L-O-V-E.

Saturday, January 2, 2010

Some Songs in My Life at the Moment

I have downloaded a few nice songs that I do consider my favorite these days. I’ve got seven versions of Moon River (that of Audrey Hepburn, Sarah Brightman, Henry Mancini, etc.), two versions of An Affair to Remember (Nat King Cole, The Philippine Madrigal Singers), Tori Amos’ 1000 Oceans and the greatest song that I’ve ever heard, No Other Love (Chopin).

I’ve grown to love these songs since I was a little girl even if I do not know the lyrics then, I just know the melody and hummed it. Perhaps it’s the singer and the old soul in me that made me fall in love with these songs.

I remember telling someone that when I grow old, I’m gonna tell my children and perhaps my children’s children about this guy whom I considered my one great love. When I told him this, it was a spontaneous thought, I just said it the way I’ve honestly felt it that time.

I believe, each one of us has our own love stories to tell and songs that go with them. That each of us had at one point our lives fell in love, loved, was loved and became love itself in the process.

Love, like songs do not vanish, though they sometimes fade away… and may even go out of tune… they do not end… they just evolve. Our life unfolds like a beautiful love song, it is definitely worth singing, perhaps be danced upon…. It is a love song worth remembering.

Songs need not be sung perfectly. The nicest melodies are the ones that come from the soul. A perfect song is one that crosses the boundaries of time and a lot of other limitations of this world.

There are no rules on how you choose to sing your songs, on how you wish to experience life. Simply sing it from your soul and dance according to your heart’s desire.

A love song may be a sad song or a happy song. It simply depends on how you wish to see it.